Beware of critics, mediocre minds are the greatest enemy of innovation

Industry insights from around the world for 2014

Some interesting thoughts from Euromonitor on 2014 global trends from across various industries from the rise of customisation, demand for less wastage and rise of travel & technology spending.  Read more at Read More

Twitter music service

Twitter launches new music app

Today, Twitter announced the launch of a new music app – #music, found at How does it work? It detects the most popular tracks from the people you follow, while also highlighting emerging artists. The app will play a preview snippet of the song feeding from Apple iTunes, and can play full tracks for Read More


The rise of China as a mega luxury market

China is fast becoming one of the top markets for the fashion and luxury industries, but many of us are unaware of the scale and the rate at which the market is actually growing. Holding 27% of the market share (May 2011), China has the second-largest consumption of luxury goods (ChinaDaily). While the markets in Read More


Social media in PR

I did a media pitch recently for an agency on ‘Why companies should use social media in their PR’. Wasn’t too bad a case so I thought I’d share it with you all. Read on for more! Social media has been around for a long time and companies are jumping on the bandwagon and finding Read More

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