Louis Vuitton takes a swing at their brand

TLDR: To modernise their brand, Louis Vuitton invites 6 artists, Karl Lagerfeld & Christian Louboutin, to create a design of their choice using their iconic monogram. Today I spotted an interesting campaign being launched by Louis Vuitton to celebrate their most renowned icon: the monogram. The brand invited six leading artists & designers to give Read More

Beware of your critics. Mediocre minds are the greatest enemy of innovation.

Robert Sofia, Co-Founder, Platinum Advisor Strategies

Twitter music service

Twitter launches new music app

Today, Twitter announced the launch of a new music app – #music, found at https://music.twitter.com. How does it work? It detects the most popular tracks from the people you follow, while also highlighting emerging artists. The app will play a preview snippet of the song feeding from Apple iTunes, and can play full tracks for Read More

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